I took a master class with Billy Wilder once and he said that in the first act of a story you put your character up in a tree, in the second act you set the tree on fire, and then in the third you get him down.

—Gary Kurtz


Services and Rates

I offer a range of services to help clients tell the best stories they can. I want to make sure you set the tree on fire at just the right time, without killing your protagonist—unless that's exactly what you want to do! (See quote above.)

  • developmental editing, also known as a manuscript review, based on Story Grid principles

  • story coaching for writers struggling to complete a professional first draft or to improve the structure of a partial or full manuscript

  • line editing of completed nonfiction manuscripts

  • researching, writing, and editing white papers, press releases, and web content

  • researching graphics and maps for print and online publications

  • reporting and writing on current events related to education, labor, and the environment

Rates vary based on subject matter and the type of work required, so it’s best to send me some details about your project and get an estimate.

You can schedule a half hour of time with me for free to chat about your project so we can figure out if I can help. If you then decide you'd like to work with me, I'll send you a link to my scheduling calendar.

After we talk, you might decide to try applying Story Grid methods on your own before engaging an editor. If so, you can find more about Story Grid, including lots of free articles and tools, at the website or by listening to the Story Grid podcast. A helpful full archive of transcripts for every episode of the Story Grid podcast is available too.

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Download a Guide to Types of Editors

There are several types of editors you'll meet while traveling the yellow brick road toward publishing your story. Here's a downloadable Guide that explains it all. No flying monkeys. I promise.


Here are some standard rates for developmental editing of projects that are in early drafts:

Story Grid Diagnostic (aka Manuscript Review)

$1,500.00 (up to 80,000 words)
$2,000.00 (80,000-120,000 words)

For this service, you'll send me a complete first or early draft of a novel or nonfiction book. I'll read the entire manuscript and provide:

  • An analysis of six essential aspects of your story, including:

  1. The global genre (the type of story, such as crime, romance, or horror)

  2. The conventions and obligatory scenes of the global genre

  3. The point of view (first person, third person, etc.)

  4. The protagonist's objects of desire

  5. The controlling idea or theme of the story

  6. The beginning hook, middle build, and ending payoff

  • A Story Grid spreadsheet of the first five scenes

  • A one-hour phone call discussing your story and answering any questions you have

  • A follow-up letter (sent soon after our call) to suggest the best next steps to pursue in revising your story

  • A recommendation of three masterworks to read for a deeper understanding of your genre

  • A free e-book copy of The Story Grid and a few "cheat sheets" explaining essential aspects of your genre and other genres that may be of interest to you


Story Coaching

$600 for 4 calls via phone or Skype;
$125 per hour for follow-up calls

In weekly one-hour calls, I'll provide guidance for writers who want to walk through the process of building a great story from initial idea to first draft or for writers who have a partial draft or outline that needs structural improvements. Each story and each writer's journey is different. Story Coaching is tailored to individual needs.

If you already have a first draft, you should begin with the Story Grid Diagnostic (above), so that I can do a full analysis before moving on to weekly calls to improve the manuscript.

There is no set number calls to sign up for after the initial four. You can decide when you're ready to work on your own, and of course, you can always come back for more help whenever you need it. 


Jumpstart Analysis for Stories, Essays, or Book Proposals


Are you struggling with a short story, essay, or a book proposal that just isn’t working? You might need a little time with an editor to clarify what's missing and how to get your project to the final stages before sending it out into the world.

In a Jumpstart Analysis, I'll read up to 7,000 words of a complete or almost-complete draft of your work and we'll talk through the major issues in a one-hour conversation. The goal is to identify concrete next steps to help you move forward with clarity and confidence.


Line Editing of Completed Manuscripts

Variable rate

If you have a completed manuscript that has been through several drafts and is ready for more detailed line editing, we can discuss setting a single project rate. You can estimate the cost of line editing at roughly $12-15 per manuscript page (250 words), but the final rate will depend upon the type of manuscript. Take a look at my downloadable guide to types of editing here for more information.